Make your memories to your colors

We may change your world to colorful with paint bruses. HakeYa specialize in hand-made bruses, Japanese traditional crafts. Every one of them is hand-made by our skilled craftsmen. Don’t you pay attention only to the color when you paint? The look is completely different depending on the tools you use. We recommend sticking with the paint brush, not just the color.

About us

We market and sell Japanese craftwork, paint brush internationally. Japanese brush has a unique shape that enable delicate brush strokes with the momement of your fingertips. Japanese-style brush that pursues a delicate finish for painting. HakeYa was founded with the desire to change the colors of things around you with these traditional brushes.

Good quality

The brushes we handle are made by craftsmen one by one. Therefore, the bristles on brush are less likely to come off and can be used repeatedly for a long time. Once you like it, you can’t change it to something else. That is our brush.


For important things, make up with first-class products

We hope that your surroundings will be dyed in wonderful colors with our japanese traditional cratfs.